Do I pay when I’m on WiFi?

Do I pay when I'm on WiFi?

Do I pay when I’m on WiFi?

The connection in Wi-Fi is free and does not require the use of the mobile internet package. the Wi-Fi is therefore recommended for the most consumer uses, such as watching films/series on video on demand, for example.

What is WiFi connection?

the WirelessWhere Wireless, is a local area network launched in 1999 that uses radio waves to link together, wirelessly, several computer devices in order to facilitate the transmission of data.

Why use WiFi rather than 4G?

According to a study by Columbia University (USA), compared to a connection WiIfat the same bandwidth consumed, the exchange of data with these advanced mobile protocols consumes: 3G: 15 times more energy than in WiIf ; 4G : 23 times more energy than in WiIf.

What is the difference between WiFi and mobile internet?

To the difference connection WIFI to which you have access thanks to a box Internetthe data mobiles are networks available on a large scale in the territory.

What is free Wi-Fi?

The subscribers Free mobile have the ability to connect to a network Wireless public called FreeWifi Secure, which is free and which offers a connection Internet unlimited. He just need a SIM card Free inserted into his phone to access it.

How does WiFi work?

the Wireless allows the connection of several devices to each other but also to the Internet network without going through a connection cable. The transmission of data is therefore done by radio waves which connect your entire network.

How to find the password to connect to wifi?

In Wi-Fi Status, select Wireless Properties. In Wireless Network Properties, select the Security tab, then check the Show characters box. Your Wi-Fi password network appears in the Network security key area.

Which is better between Wi-Fi and 4G?

Improved throughputs is also a cause of these changes in the use ofInternet in France. For many, the 4G is good faster than connection Wireless by ADSL, while the deployment of fiber is gradually being organised.

What consumes data?

Chat and video call: WhatsApp, Messenger, Facetime, Skype The audio and video quality varies from one application to another, it will affect the amount of data that the app consumes.

How do I know if I’m on Wi-Fi or 4G?

The icons vary and depend on several factors: the device, your location and the capability of your device….Refer if need to the correspondence table below:

  • 2G: E, GSM, EDGE, GPRS.
  • 4G : LTE, LTE advanced.

How do I connect to the free Orange WiFi?

The hotspot Wireless ofOrange is available free to all internet and Open customers Orange regardless of the type of Livebox used. It does not require any activation.

What is the difference between Internet and WiFi?

The Internet is a computer network, so WiFi is a technology for networking devices without using cables. Who is Rapid Response? Quick Response is a community website.

Is wifi unlimited?

The other offers wifi points where the internet is completely unlimited (no more problems with MB). On the other hand, the wifi only has a low range, we are very very far from the 90% covered by 3G.

What is WiFi?

The WiFi is a network built by spreading the internet connection in the circle space of a few rays that instead remains in the wire. You will therefore be able to reach the internet in your cell phone or in wireless devices which will also make it easy for you to ask questions on Quora 😛

How to access an unlimited wifi network?

For example, your operator has a wifi network and he gives you “codes” to be able to access this wifi network. it’s unlimited but you have to have access to this wifi network which is not available everywhere. for example, if your operator’s wifi network is not present in the area where you are, you will not be able to access the internet.