Does the variable salary count for retirement?

Does the variable salary count for retirement?

Does the variable salary count for retirement?

Income excluded from the calculation And, if your annual income is lower to an amount variable depending on the year considered, they are also not taken into account. account. he doesis not held count of the remuneration received in the year of departure retired.

Can I retire at 62 if I don’t have all my trimesters?

Yes you can go to retirement as soon as you reach 62 years old. However, your retirement is not not calculated at the maximum rate if you don’t meet not number of quarters necessary. This reduction (or “discount”) is final.

How to calculate the employee’s pension?

Retirement of the employee: calculation of the retirement pension. The amount of the retirement pension paid by the general social security scheme is determined after applying a calculation formula.

How to calculate a civil servant’s pension?

Example of calculation: Pierre P., civil servant was born on . In the case of Pierre: 148 quarters will be taken into account for the calculation of his retirement: 29 full-time years, i.e. 116 quarters + (10 years x 0.80 (part-time portion) x 4 (number of quarters in a year ) i.e. 32 quarters

How to calculate the basic retirement pension?

Several elements are taken into account for the calculation of your basic retirement pension: your duration of retirement insurance, your last index salary and the number of your qualifying quarters.

What is the amount of a full pension?

He is currently remunerated on the basis of the increased index 562 (gross index 675) which he has held for more than 6 months and receives a gross monthly index salary of €2,602.22. Taking into account his year of birth, the number of quarters necessary for him to benefit from a full pension is equal to 162 quarters.