How are activities monitored?

How are activities monitored?

How are activities monitored?

Usually the follow up of those hours ofactivities professional is done via forms or spreadsheets, which are then validated by the line manager. The data from these spreadsheets is then analyzed and counted to create reports, invoice customers or draw up pay slips.

Why are we tracking?

the follow up and evaluation helps determine the most effective and useful use of resources. It is essential for drawing objective conclusions about the extent to which programs can be said to have “succeeded”.

Who does the monitoring and evaluation?

The Responsible for Follow up and Evaluation is responsible for developing and coordinating the system of follow upEvaluation plans, projects and programs of the network in collaboration with its hierarchy and its other collaborators.

Why is monitoring and evaluation important?

the monitoring and evaluation improve performance and achieve results. More specifically, the general purpose of follow up and of theEvaluation is to measure and evaluate performance in order to better manage the effects and products called development results.

Who takes care of the evaluation in a company?

L’Evaluation hierarchical is the most frequently encountered in companies. In 90% of cases, it is the direct supervisor (n+1 or n+2, see page 102) who proceeds toEvaluation employee’s performance, usually through an interview.

How do I track the day?

By planning the follow-up task in the calendar (copy or drag the email into the calendar or note the follow-up to be done) at a specific time or in event mode (for this day).

What are the means of follow-up?

Email (with importance indicator, follow-up indicator, personalized follow-up indicator, category: Follow-up and its dedicated color (see Outlook Tips & Tricks) . Task assignment (via Outlook, Notes, Google, GroupWise, …) . Telephone, SMS, Skype for Business Meeting or during a meeting to monitor ongoing projects .

How important is a tracking system?

The staff compiled a list of different variables that they thought might be important in assessing and measuring the differences in impact. The monitoring system should provide both qualitative and quantitative information.

How do I know if a courier is being tracked?

This monitoring makes it possible to know in due time the place where the mail is. A real revolution! The principle is simple. The sender franks his mail at the rate of the letter followed. A receipt with a tracking number is given to him.