How are RCNs calculated?

How are RCNs calculated?

How are RCNs calculated?

Compulsory compensatory rest in a company with more than 20 employees. For the hours worked beyond the annual quota, the legal rest is 100% of the working time completed after the 35th hour: any additional hour then gives rise to a compensatory rest equal to one hour.

What loss of salary after 3 months of sick leave?

The daily allowance you will receive during your sick leave is equal to 50% of your salary basic daily. This is calculated on the average of wages raw 3 months that precede your work stopping (or 12 month preceding your cessation of activity for a non-continuing activity).

How to set the amount of the compensation award?

But it is also possible to set the amount of the allocation of compensation and the conditions for its revision freely, by moving away from the rules of common law.

How to calculate an employer’s salary?

To perform the calculation, the employer can take into account: Either the actual timetable for the month Or the average number of working (or working) days Or the actual number of working (or working) days

What are the compensation levels?

It compensates for negative results with positive results. At what levels does it apply? There are three levels of compensation: 1/ Intra-EU compensation:

How to calculate working allowances?

: Day actually worked in a company or an administration. There are 5 per week. You received a salary of €21,840 gross during the reference period taken into account for the calculation of the allowances (€1,820 per month). Taking into account 2 weeks of paid vacation, the calculations are as follows: