How are the 2 15 ths calculated?

How are the 2 15 ths calculated?

How are the 2 15 ths calculated?

Example: 5 years of seniority, we apply 1/5 c’isi.e. (5*1/5) which gives 1 month of indemnity. If he has 14 years of seniority, we apply the 2/15 in addition. The employee is entitled to 2.61 months of salary as salary compensation.

How to calculate the compensation?

Example: An employee worked 10 years full-time, then 3 years part-time. His average gross salary during the last 12 months half-time is €1,000 (i.e. €2,000 full-time). the calculation of the’indemnity is: (2,000 x 1/4 x 10) + (1,000 x 1/3 x 3)= $6,000.

How is the balance of any account calculated?

It is then necessary to determine the normal working time and the time worked. the all account balance imposes the following operation: monthly salary/normal working time x working time. This gives the remuneration of the employee concerned.

How does statutory compensation work?

depending on the seniority of the employee in the company, acquired at the end of the notice even if the employee is exempted from doing so. The legal indemnity is not cumulative with any indemnity of the same nature: severance or retirement indemnity, conventional dismissal indemnity, etc.

How to calculate the seniority allowance?

For the same reference salary and a seniority of 12 years, the indemnity due is: for seniority up to 10 years: €1,500: €375 € x 10 years = €3,750

How to calculate the allowance?

If the salary normally taken into account for the calculation of the indemnity is significantly lower than the usual salary, it is the latter that must be used (the usual salary is that which the employee would have received in normal times, outside, by example, a period of partial activity or sick leave not fully compensated).

What is the difference between the statutory indemnity and the collective agreement?

The employer must pay the indemnity provided for by the collective agreement or the employment contract if it is more advantageous for the employee than the legal indemnity. It is not possible to combine these different indemnities. The legal indemnity is not subject to income tax.