How are the maternity IJ calculated?

How are the maternity IJ calculated?

How are the maternity IJ calculated?

As part of a leave maternitythem IJSS gross and net are calculated as follows: IJSS gross = 100% of the SJB or €86.00 IJSS net= IJSS gross * 0.933= €80.24 (0.933 represents the CSG/CRDS contributions calculated at the overall rate of 6.70% on 100% of the IJSS).

How to calculate 300% mutual reimbursement?

Let’s take an example: As part of a contract of mutual with a rate of repayment consultation fees from a general practitioner 300 % this means that on a consultation of €69 (3 X €23), Cocoon will cover up to €53.90 (€69 – €15.10 covered by health insurance).

How to calculate maternity leave?

To calculate your maternity leave, you must first remember that your leave is divided into two parts. To benefit from your maternity leave, it is important to inform your administration or at best to declare your pregnancy before the end of the 14th week of pregnancy.

How to calculate the daily allowances on maternity leave?

Calculation of daily allowances on maternity leave. In the context of maternity leave, the daily allowance is calculated on the basis of the insured’s basic daily salary. This daily salary is calculated by taking into account the last three payslips before the date of the interruption of work due to pregnancy…

How to ensure your income on maternity leave?

On maternity leave, you are guaranteed an income thanks to the payment of daily social security allowances which can be supplemented by additional allowances from the employer. In fact, your collective agreement may provide for the maintenance of the salary by the employer for the duration of the maternity leave.

How to waive maternity leave?

Maternity leave is compulsory. It is strictly forbidden to give it up completely. Before the start of maternity/paternity leave, the pregnant woman informs her employer by sending him a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. This must contain: The start and end dates of the maternity leave.