How are the radios financed?

How are the radios financed?

How are the radios financed?

The financing of Radio France derives 86.4% from the public audiovisual contribution (CAP), i.e. €577.4 million (operation) in 2020. The remaining 13.6% comes from own resources, mainly from advertising and activities of diversification developed by Radio France.

How is public broadcasting financed?

According to the law of finance for 2019, the amount of the contribution to theaudiovisual is €139 per year and per tax household in mainland France and €89 in the overseas departments. The amount is the same regardless of the number of television sets in the home. Only main residences are taken into account.

Who finances Une TV?

France Televisions

The head officeParis, France
DirectorsDelphine Ernotte
ShareholdersFrench State (100%)

Who pays the contribution to public broadcasting?

You have to pay the contribution at theaudio-visual public if your home is equipped with a television or similar device: Equipment connected to each other or wirelessly and allowing the reception of signals, images or sounds, by electromagnetic means.

Who receives the contribution to public broadcasting?

The contribution to the royalty fee audiovisual is payable by any person subject to housing tax and who has a television on January 1 of the tax year, which that or the method of financing (credit, given free of charge, etc.) and even if the position belongs to another member of the household.

How is TF1 financed?

Since its privatization on , TF1 no longer collects the fee and does notis more funded than by advertising marketed by its management TF1 Publicity.

Who can be exempt from the TV license fee?

People whose reference tax income (RFR) is equal to zero. You can check this item in your tax income. People aged over 60, means-tested. People with disabilities or housing a disabled person subject to means testing.

Who is the owner of France Inter?

Radio France group France Inter is a French national public generalist radio station of the group French Radio launched in 1947….France Inter.

The head officeParis
OwnerFrench Radio
Slogan“You are on France Inter”

What is the number of France Culture?

01 56 40 22 22 To contact the radio switchboard French Culturecall this number : 01 56 40 22 22.