How are the Vestal Virgins chosen?

How are the Vestal Virgins chosen?

How are the Vestal Virgins chosen?

Since the middle of the Republican era, they are chosen among the girls aged 6 to 10 in a group of twenty high-born candidates with both parents still alive, by the pontifex maximus.

Who are the vestals?

The vestals (virgins Vestal Virgins) are the priestesses of Vesta, the goddess of fire and hearth in Rome. This deity is represented by fire who burns permanently in his Forum sanctuary (Aedes Vestae).

Where did the Vestal Virgins live?

The house of Vestal Virgins where Atrium Vestae was the place where lived the six Vestal Virgins. Its foundation goes back, according to legend, to Numa Pompilius. The house of Vestal Virgins was first the place of residence of Vestal Virgins.

How will Rhea Silvia save her children?

According to Livy, the cruel Amulius then had the vestal virgin walled up and condemned the infants to be thrown into the Tiber, from which they would miraculously emerge unscathed, and saved by a she-wolf, before coming to take revenge on Amulius several years later.

How did Remus die?

Remus disobeyed and penetrated inside while making fun of his brother, this one, enraged, killed his brother and was the unique and first king of Rome. This event is said to have taken place in the year 754 BC. AD, according to the version of the official history of ancient Rome.

Why Rhea Silvia is a Vestal Virgin?

Granddaughter of King Procas and daughter of Numitor, Rhea Silvia is high as vestal (priestess of the goddess Vesta, the goddess of the hearth in the town of Albe-la-Longue by her uncle Amulius who dethroned power-hungry Numitor. The purpose of consecration to Vesta is to deprive her of offspring.

What is the function of the Temple of Saturn?

Function initial: This temple housed the state treasury, as well as the statutes engraved in bronze, the decrees of the Senate, and other important registers. the temple of saturn also housed in times of peace (Pax Romana) the pennants and insignia of the various legions of the empire.

What is the date of construction of the Temple of Saturn?

At theis of the Portico of the Dii Consentes, the Temple of Saturn is one of the oldest sanctuaries in the Roman Forum. Its construction probably began during the royal period under Tarquin the Superb (end of the 6th century BC), but it was not inaugurated until the beginning of the Republic, around 498 BC.