How can we explain that there are still inequalities in Lagos?

How can we explain that there are still inequalities in Lagos?

How can we explain that there are still inequalities in Lagos?

5/ There is Has inequalities in lagos because two out of three inhabitants live in slums while others live in beautiful neighborhoods. There is has about 10,000 millionaires at Lagos.

How to describe Lagos?

Lagos (pronounced [ˈleɪɡɒs] in English ; Èkó in Yoruba) is one of the major cities of Nigeria with over 15.3 million inhabitants and the second largest city on the African continent after Kinshasa (which has almost 15.6 million intramural inhabitants) .

How has the population of Lagos evolved since 1995?

In just two generations, the people of Lagos multiplied by 100, from less than 200,000 people to almost 20 million. Today one of the 10 largest cities in the world, it covers nearly 1,000 km2. Most residents live in informal settlements or slums.

What is Urban Planning?

Urban planning, or territorial planning, is a discipline of urban planning. It plans and organizes in the long term – for example over ten years – x for a local urban plan (PLU) in France, as well as the way in which the territory will evolve. It can be on a municipal scale – as for the PLU – or on a scale…

What are the benefits of urban planning?

1 If we stick to the laws that define its framework and orientations, urban planning is a tool at the service of greater coherence of public action. This capacity for consistency is generally understood in different ways.

What are the beginnings of planning in Africa?

The beginnings of planning in Africa went through several phases, in search of an optimal model of development. Despite various attempts, and if several areas remain to be improved, this development planning seems to be on the right track. A look back at the emergence of planning in African countries

What urban planning documents for African cities?

African cities are increasingly equipped with urban planning and city-wide planning documents: master plan, urban master plan, and even POS and Agenda 21.