How can we recycle steel?

How can we recycle steel?

How can we recycle steel?

L’steel is 100% and infinitely recyclable, without altering its properties or losing weight. HOW TO RECYCLE-T-ON THESTEEL ? After being collected, the waste in steel are sorted, graded and crushed. The recovered scrap is melted in a furnace with several other metals.

What are the advantages of steel in construction?

Steel is a predominant element in construction. According to data from the OECD, this represents the leading sector in the use of steel (50% of total consumption). Two-thirds are captured by the most industrialized countries, including 88% for Europe, the United States and Japan.

What are the uses of steel?

The sectors that have the greatest use of it are the fields of building and bridge construction, the design of machinery and tools, the automotive field, locksmithing and its derivatives, health, food, packaging and shielding. . To know the other fields concerned, see here uses of steel .

How are steels made?

Steel is made from iron ore, which is found naturally in the soils of countries such as Brazil, Sweden and Australia. The manufacture of steels from this ore can be obtained in two ways. In the first case, the production of cast iron results from the hot reduction of iron ore by means of carbon monoxide.

What are the disadvantages of steel?

From implementation to disposal, steel presents few environmental constraints. Coming from the dry sector, it does not consume water on construction sites, and generates only a few inconveniences (dust, noise, etc.).