How did Lorenzo the Magnificent die?

How did Lorenzo the Magnificent die?

How did Lorenzo the Magnificent die?

GangreneLorenzo de’ Medici / Cause of death

Where does Lorenzo de’ Medici live?

FlorenceLorenzo de’ Medici / Places lived On , Lorenzo de Medici died at the age of 43 in his villa in Careggi. His death marks the climax of Florence but also announces the political decline of the merchant republics of Italy.

Who are the Medici and during what centuries did they live?

Merchants turned bankers, Medici were the princes of Florence. From the XIVth to the XVIIIth century, they decided the fate of the city.

How did Catherine de Medici die?

For his adversaries, Katherine died “choked by the deadly poison she had been harboring for so long in her womb [33][33]Jacques-Auguste de Thou, Universal History of…”.

Who is the Who is Laurent Laurent the Magnificent?

Lawrence de’ Medici (in Italian Lorenzo di Piero de’ Medici: ” Lawrenceson of Pierre de Médicis”), nicknamed Lawrence the Magnificent (Lorenzo il Magnifico), born in Florence on January 1, 1449 and died in the same city on , is a Florentine statesman and the de facto ruler of the Republic…

Who is the main patron in Florence, Italy?

Lorenzo the Magnificent and the arts The Florentine statesman is initiated from his childhood to arts and literature. VS’is so logically thatonce in power, he becomes a prince patron and supports the greatest artists of his time. With him, Florence asserts itself as the capital of the arts.