How did Medusa become Medusa?

How did Medusa become Medusa?

How did Medusa become Medusa?

Athena, who is the goddess of war, offended, transforms Astonished and his sisters as monsters unable to move, with hair shaped like snakes and eyes that turn those who have the misfortune to meet him to stone.

What is the character of Medusa?

His hair becomes snakes, his eyes dilate and now his gaze petrifies all those who cross him. According to another version, quoted by Apollodorus, Astonished was a young girl so proud of her beauty and her hair that she had dared to compete with Athena.

Why has Medusa become a monster?

Medusa is one of the Gorgon sisters in Greek mythology and is always described as a freak. It was said that his hair was made of poisonous snakes and a single look in his eyes could turn a person to stone.

Why is the jellyfish dangerous?

It contains toxins that will directly attack the heart, nervous system and skin cells. Prolonged contact with this astonished-box can lead to skin necrosis and cardiac arrest within minutes.

Who Killed Medusa?

Perseus Having become an adult, Perseus was entrusted by Polydectes, the king of the island, with the mission of kill the gorgon Astonished whose gaze petrifies those it reaches.

Why does Medusa have snakes for her hair?

Poseidon, having metamorphosed into a bird, removes Astonished and transports her to a temple of Athena which they desecrate together. The goddess is so irritated by it, that she changes into awful snakes the beautiful hair of which Astonished boasts, and gives to his eyes strength of petrify everyone she looks at.

What is the role of Pegasus?

Friend of the Muses, Pegasus creates the Hippocrene spring which he causes to gush out with a kick of his hoof. Captured by Bellerophon near the Fountain of Pirene, with the help of the goddess Athena and Poseidon, Pegasus allows this Greek hero to ride it in order to defeat the Chimera, and achieves with its rider many other exploits.

Is a jellyfish attacking?

However, the astonished not’offensive not. It injects venom when you touch its tentacles. VS’is an animal’s defense mechanism.

What is the Medusa?

The jellyfish: marine animal capable of paralyzing its prey by means of a stinging and poisonous substance. This name was given to it in 1746 by Linnaeus because of its tentacles which stretch then retract like the undulatory crawling of the snakes covering the head of Medusa.

What is the connection between Medusa and the world of the dead?

Medusa’s link with the world of the dead seems confirmed by the fact that “the two best-known representations of Medusa killed by Perseus are found on two temples dedicated to Artemis, that of Selinunte and that of Corfu. But Artemis is associated with the Moon and death.

What is the power of Medusa?

Thus, one of his powers, “Look of the Medusa”, allows you to petrify the enemies facing him and slows down those who turn their backs on him. In Age of Mythology, it appears as a mythical unit.

What is the difference between Perseus and Medusa?

As shown by Tobin Siebers, the head of Perseus and that of Medusa present identical profiles and both have an aquiline nose, delicate cheeks and downcast eyes. Cellini thus reveals the ambiguity between the hero and the monster.