How did Nike establish itself in the world?

How did Nike establish itself in the world?

How did Nike establish itself in the world?

Nike became the leader on the American market in 1981. On the marketing side, it was not until 1984 that the sports giant achieved its first masterstroke with the signing of basketball star Michael Jordan.

How does Nike stand out?

Nike seeks to associate an athlete or a group of athletes (a football team) with values ​​such as surpassing oneself, perseverance in effort, struggle, etc. All values ​​of Nike are universal and can be applied not only in sport but also in everyday life.

What is Nike’s turnover?

Nike is a company specializing in the manufacture of sports products. This American company is also present in France, in the form of a simplified joint-stock company. The head office is located in Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône. In 2018, Nike recorded a turnover of 39 billion dollars.

Who is the founder of Nike?

Phil Knight, the founder of Nike, the world’s number 1 sports shoe, has announced that he is retiring at the age of 77. The story of this brilliant entrepreneur, father of Nike but also of modern globalization, begins in Oregon, a state on the American west coast.

What are Nike’s financial results?

Last week, Nike Inc presented its financial results for its fiscal year 2018 (June 17-May 18). In total, the American giant posted a record turnover of 36.6 billion dollars including the Nike brand (+Jordan) and Converse. Revenues up 6% compared to last year.

What is Nike’s promise to its consumers?

In 2018, the brand celebrated 30 years of its “Just Do It”, a powerful signature that recalls Nike’s promise to its consumers: take action, persevere, go for it.