How Did the Black Death Stop?

How Did the Black Death Stop?

How Did the Black Death Stop?

While the entire planet now hopes for the end of the pandemic, our ancestors, much more fatalistic, experienced many epidemics during their lives. But How? ‘Or’ What did they end? It’s a huge fire that puts an end to the plague of 1665 in London.

How is the Black Death spread?

The plague transmitted from animals to humans by the bite of infected fleas, by direct contact with infected tissues and by inhalation of infected respiratory droplets.

What are the consequences of the Black Death?

The consequences socio-economic Black Plague were brutal in Europe. They profoundly changed the society of the time, which became more religious and broke with some of its traditional structures such as serfdom.

How does the plague come?

The plague is a disease of rodents, mainly carried by rats, and transmitted to humans by the bites of fleas from infected rodents. It was the pasteurian Alexandre Yersin who discovered in 1894 the bacillus responsible for the disease, Yersinia pestis, a bacterium of extreme virulence.

What are the symptoms of the Black Death?

It is manifested by high fever, poor general condition and an enlarged lymph node that drains the infected flea bite area. This enlarged ganglion and sore is called bubo. It may begin to suppurate and then heal.