How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

How do I cancel a hotel reservation?

Contact directly thehotel or the agency reservation to see if they are willing to accommodate you and issue you a refund. If so, great! This is obviously the best option, as it guarantees the greatest possible refund.

How do I cancel a cruise?

In the case of reservations made through our website or via our Customer Relations Center, you can use this credit note by calling the number 447.

How do I modify a hotel reservation?

Contact the tour operator as soon as possible. If you are forced to cancel hotel reservationit is necessary to contact the travel agency or the platform of reservation hotelier as soon as possible to inform them of your cancellation or change.

How to cancel a reservation on booking?

Depending on your terms, a customer can to cancel her reservation by clicking on a link in their confirmation email or via their account In some cases, you can initiate a request forcancelation if a customer asks you for it or if you have problems with the payment.

How to get reimbursed for an MSC cruise?

If you have already used your credit for a new cruise which is now cancelled, a new credit note will be issued. Her value will be equal to the payment received by MSC Cruisesnet of everything repayment.

What is the withdrawal period?

14 days You have a time limit 14 days to change your mind. VS’is the right of withdrawal. This time limit concerns cases of purchase by internet, by telephone or by post (sale through printed catalogs received by La Poste) or by fax.

How to change the number of people on a booking reservation?

For to modify the dates or the number of persons of your reservation, you can send a request to the owner from the Manage my reservations page. If he agrees, he will send you a new estimate corresponding to the modifications.

How to contact Booking as owner?

* Customer service from booking owners partners can be contacted directly. 118 707 is a brand-independent telephone connection service. The tariff conditions are available on and on