How do I connect to LSU?

How do I connect to LSU?

How do I connect to LSU?

Educonnect: Online access for parents to the USL

  1. Sending an email notification to parents from Educonnect (The email address of both parents must be entered in Onde)
  2. Activation by identification with a mobile phone number (The phone number of both parents must be entered in Onde)

Where is the school report in pronote?

How to consult his booklet ? Consultation is done through Pronote, student access. Then just go to the Results tab and select School report.

Where can I find the school report book?

the school report is dematerialized in the form of School report digital from High school (LSL) for all baccalaureates in the general, technological (except STAV) and professional pathways of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports, under statute schooland in all the academies.

How to get LSU codes?

Create the Educonnect parent identifiers, to access the USL

  1. access via the FranceConnect identifier, which now works correctly. This is the simplest solution because parents generally have an account for taxes.
  2. SMS connection,
  3. connection via an identifier and coded given by the institution.

Where can I find my child’s LSU?

You will find them with the pedagogical service of the school or college in which your child is educated. NB: the USL is not deployed in all academies your school may not yet have access.