How do I get a disability rating?

How do I get a disability rating?

How do I get a disability rating?

In order to determine the disability rate of a person, a physical, psychological and sensory assessment is carried out by a medical consultant from the Primary Health Insurance Fund (CPAM).

What are the disability rates?

the rate at 50-79% corresponds to significant disorders causing significant discomfort effectively hampering the social life of the person. The hindrance to social life can be preserved, but at the cost of major efforts or the mobilization of specific compensation.

How to calculate the disability rate?

In order to determine the rights of an insured person, and in particular the amount of the indemnity to which he is entitled, Social Security carries out a disability assessment. It is a Social Security doctor who calculates the degree of disability in this way. In reality, two invalidity rates are calculated and combined.

What is the disability rate?

For example, the disability rate inherent in the loss of a finger (excluding thumb) is between 5 and 8%, for the loss of a knee with fitting of a prosthesis, it is 10%, or even for the loss of one foot, it is 30%. The disability rate for chronic low back pain is 15%, while that for paraplegia is 80%.

How to renew your disability card?

The renewal must be done in the same way as for a first request (see above). Note: if you are no longer or no longer entitled to a disability card, you can apply for “priority for disabled people” formerly called “arduous standing card”.

What to do in case of disability?

Justify a work interruption during the last twelve (12) months; Justify the finding of the state of disability of eight hundred (800) hours of work, including two hundred (200) during the previous three months; Have contributed an amount equivalent to twice the minimum wage over the last six months;