How do I get a hotel checked?

How do I get a hotel checked?

How do I get a hotel checked?

How should we act? “For control a bedroomhotelthe governess must To do appeal to all his senses. Sight for aesthetics, hearing for malfunctions, touch for dust and smell for bad smells, in particular”, specifies Patricia Richard.

What is a standard double room?

A Double room has a large double bed while a twin bedroom is equipped with two single beds. The indication ” double/twin » means that the bedroom can be prepared either way. For any special request, please contact the hotel directly.

How to effectively control a room?

Control the interior door as well as the mandatory displays. – Turn on all the lights to check the lights. – Check the general appearance and atmosphere. – Choose a direction of verification so as not to forget anything and never go back: proceed from top to bottom.

What is a standard room?

A standard room is a bedroom with a double bed, while only one room double standard is equipped with two single beds placed next to each other.

What are the different room types?

Our different types of rooms

  • Room Double Deluxe.
  • Room Double Economy.
  • Room Double Classic.
  • Room Dual Comfort.
  • Room Classic Twin beds.
  • Room Triple Economy.
  • Room Family quadruple.
  • Room Fivefold Family.