How do I know if I can get a scholarship?

How do I know if I can get a scholarship?

How do I know if I can get a scholarship?

How to know if you received a payment of stock Exchange ?

  1. In the follow-up of DSE appears the mention “put in payment on xx/xx/15”.
  2. You receive a definitive notification of the allocation of stock Exchange by email.

How to get the scholarship?

You must create your DSE to apply for stock Exchange based on social criteria (BCS) and accommodation in a university residence. For this you need to prepare a number of documents. For the academic year, you must submit your application between January 15 and .

How to get a scholarship in Belgium?

Nationality condition: there are additional conditions for students of foreign nationality who wish to obtain a scholarship in Belgium. To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit the study allowances website.

What are the installments to be paid for a scholarship application?

In the meantime, you have nothing to pay until the study allowance service has decided on your scholarship application, except for the deposit of 50 € which is to be paid by 31 October at the latest. late to confirm your registration.

How can I see the available fields in a scholarship?

Or type other field names such as Last Transaction Time, Previous Close, and Exchange. To see all available fields for a company or fund, click the stock exchange icon ( ) or select the cell and press Ctrl+Shift+F5.

What is scholarship student status?

The status of scholarship student implies taking all of their exams, at each session, including that of August/September. The same goes for exams that take place out of session because they are an integral part of the student’s annual program (PAE). In principle, a signature is sufficient if it concerns one or two examinations.