How do I know the amount of notary fees?

How do I know the amount of notary fees?

How do I know the amount of notary fees?

For example, if you buy an old apartment at 200,000 €. The emoluments of notary amount to: €200,000 x 0.799% = €1,598 to which €397.25 must be added, i.e. €1,995.25 in total. VAT is then applied at 20% to this amount. The emoluments of notary therefore amount to €2,394 including tax.

How do agency fees work?

Let’s take a numerical example: a property is estimated for sale at €250,000 net selling price. The two parties agree on a fee rate of 6%. The calculation of agency costs is established as follows: €250,000 * 6% = €15,000.

How to make an offer to buy real estate?

To be valid, the real estate purchase offer must include all the necessary information. An email is just as good as a letter. The date of the offer. The name and address of the buyer and the seller. The description of the property, with the address, the type of property, the area, the number of rooms, etc.

How to calculate the real estate price per square meter?

The calculation of the real estate price per square meter therefore assumes, first of all, to know the total living area of ​​the property. Remember that article R111-2 of the Construction and Housing Code defines the living area as the total floor area, from which certain rooms and annexes are subtracted (see below).

How to make an offer to purchase?

Before making your purchase offer, you must assess the value of your property as accurately as possible, in order to make a correct proposal. So start by finding out about the state of the market in the city but also the district in which the property you have chosen is located.

How to understand real estate prices?

Knowing the evolution of prices is not enough to understand a market, it is also necessary to have a clear vision of supply and demand. Real estate prices are wrong: yes, but by how much? We must pay tribute to Mr. Apparu, who discovered the real estate sector, put his finger on the paucity of real estate statistics.