How do Koreans see the French?

How do Koreans see the French?

How do Koreans see the French?

▣ Most of the koreans see the France like a country where you are very rich, very chic and very romantic: the woman is very beautiful and knows how to do everything, while the man is a real gentleman. ▣ The French are, in addition to being chic, very refined.

What is the climate like in South Korea?

the southern climateKorean is divided into four distinct seasons. The winters from the end of November to the beginning of March are Siberian cold, quite dry, especially in the northern zone. Summer, on the other hand, is rather hot and humid and is accompanied by a few typhoons that are sometimes quite dangerous.

How to choose your Korean hair well?

For Korean women, hair must first be healthy on the inside to reflect its beauty on the outside. For example, there is no question for them of using dry shampoo to fight greasy hair or hairspray to add shine!

What hairstyle for a Korean?

The bangs are an integral part of the hairstyles of a Korean. This cut with hair of the same height over the entire surface of the head helps to highlight the smooth texture of the hair.

Why do Korean women have long, healthy, silky hair?

Just like their facial care application ritual, Korean women devote a lot of time and special attention to their hair routine. The secret to their long, healthy, silky hair lies in a series of deep treatments.

Why is hair shinier?

Lack of light and falling temperatures also affect our hair! Less shiny, drier, they are also more vulnerable… Indeed, the lack of shine is mainly due to the alteration of the hair cuticle.