How do we get natural rubber?

How do we get natural rubber?

How do we get natural rubber?

the rubber can be made from a product natural : the latex which is the resin of a tree, the rubber tree. By making a notch in the bark of the trunk of the rubber tree, you can harvest this latex which looks like milk.

How do we harvest rubber?

The harvest He will be harvest in cups placed below the bleeding notch. The most common frequency is bleeding every 4 days, the latex being renewed in the laticifers after the harvest. the rubber perhaps harvest in the liquid state – latex – or after field coagulation (cup bottoms).

What are organic materials?

The term organic material brings together a large and heterogeneous sum of carbonaceous substances and compounds of plant and animal origin. The nature of the organic material of the ground is very complex: mainly humic compounds, roots, microorganisms, earthworms, etc.

How to make natural rubber?

As explained above, natural rubber comes from the latex of the rubber tree plant, which contains approximately 30% poly (cis-1,4-isoprene). The latex is harvested by a “tapping” procedure after cutting the bark of the plants diagonally, yielding 1ml of latex resin in 3 hours.

What is the life cycle of natural rubber?

The life cycle of natural rubber – from harvest to production – has less impact on the environment! Here are some more of its eco-friendly properties: Naturally Sourced: Natural rubber sheets are made from latex from the Para rubber tree, also known as Hevea brasiliensis.

How to harvest rubber?

Rubber is harvested by tapping the rubber tree: in liquid form; it is the latex which is an emulsion of 35 to 40% by mass of rubber in water; stable in basic medium.

What is the origin of natural rubber?

Natural rubber NR (Natural Rubber), is a material of plant origin, coming from rubber cultivation. By its structure and its properties, it differs from synthetic rubber SR (Synthetic Rubber) which is produced from petroleum derivatives.