How do we manage the soil?

How do we manage the soil?

How do we manage the soil?

Avoid traffic in a field that is too wet and take steps to increase organic matter and improve the structure of the topsoil. floor; means available are crop rotation, cultivation of deep-rooted plants such as sweet clover, alfalfa and bromegrass, application …

What is Soil Exhaustion?

Soil depletion is a loss of soil materials and nutrients, which decreases soil fertility. Three main factors of soil depletion can cause a loss of its fertility: erosion (water and wind), physical degradation processes and chemical degradation processes.

What are the factors that promote soil depletion?

Several human activities promote soil depletion: massive deforestation (clearcutting). Through intensive agriculture, human activity prevents the soil from regenerating, because it is the same minerals that must be used continuously.

What is Chemical Soil Degradation?

Soil dehydration As for the chemical degradation of soils, it takes place when the pH of the soil becomes acidic, or when the soil accumulates salts. These two phenomena slow down the formation of humus by living soil organisms. This then becomes less rich in nutrients, which reduces its fertility.

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