How do we protect the forest?

How do we protect the forest?

How do we protect the forest?

What gestures for protect them forests ?

  1. Stop using palm oil.
  2. Reduce your meat consumption.
  3. Favor the use of sourced wood
  4. To plant trees.


How are forests formed?

Under the crown of these trees of “lights” which go to develop, the shade is relatively weak and diffuse. This shadow will allow the beginning of the formation of a humus, thanks to the dead leaves and branches which will fall to the ground. With this first humus and this first shade, the second stage begins.

How can man pollute the forest?

The extension of agricultural land (by deforestation, draining of wetlands, etc.) destroys ecosystems. The use of very heavy motorized machinery destroys the structure of the ground. Unnatural fertilizers and pesticides pollute water and soil.

What are the characteristics of the forest?

From the standpoint. botany (Botany is the science devoted to the study of plants (from the Greek), a forest is a plant formation, characterized by the importance of the tree layer, but which also includes shrubs, low plants, climbers and epiphytes.

What is the role of soil in the forest?

The forests regulate the flow of waterways by intercepting rainwater, absorbing water in floors and gradually releasing it into the streams and rivers that make up their watersheds. This minimizes both flooding and drought.

What can we find in the forest?

A east forest made up of several groups of living beings, all essential to the existence of the forest : fungi, plants, bacteria and animals. All play an indispensable role in the balance of this forest ecosystem. If a group is missing, we can’t talk about forest.

What is the role of the forest?

The forest often plays a major role in protecting homes, crops and groundwater recharge areas against avalanches, erosion, landslides and mudslides.

What is the forest area?

Primary forests occupy 36% of the total forest area. Other naturally regenerated forests account for 57%, while planted forests account for 7%.

How are Canada’s forests classified?

In Canada, the classification of forests is done thanks to the nature of the forest ecosystem determined by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife, which protects different forest environments. These territories are protected under the Forest Act.

What are the benefits of decomposing forests?

Through a natural decomposition process, forest litter (leaves, twigs, twigs, dead wood, animal carcasses, etc.) supplies the soil with organic matter or humus. This is the origin of plant life: a real sponge, it absorbs the humidity and mineral salts necessary for the growth of plants.