How do you become a mercenary?

How do you become a mercenary?

How do you become a mercenary?

Become a Mercenary: Salary 25000€/Month

  1. If you want become a mercenary and make it your job (say rather contractor), you must first know the salary, the training and the companies of private soldiers recruiting. …
  2. The greater the risks, the greater the payoff.

How to become a private soldier?

To complete your contractor training with us, you must:

  1. To be of age,
  2. Justify a past militaryor hold a shooting license,
  3. Provide a bulletin N°3 of the criminal record.
  4. Hold a valid driver’s license,

How to create a militia?

The creation of a militia private A law of 1936 stipulates that in France them militias are totally prohibited and belonging to such an organization is impossible.

This law prohibits activities mercenariesdefined as direct participation as a combatant in an armed conflict for private gain, as well as that the training, recruitment or use of mercenaries.

What is the role of a mercenary?

A soldier who serves a foreign government for money.

Who is the greatest mercenary in the world?

Bob Denard

Robert Denard
NicknameBob Denard
AllegianceFrance () State of Katanga () Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen () Democratic Republic of the Congo () UNITA (1975) Rhodesia () Federal Islamic Republic of the Comoros (1975 and )
ArmedFrench army Mercenary private

Who created the militia?

The militia french is created by the Vichy regime on January 20, 1943. Made up of approximately 30,000 members (including 15,000 active members), this paramilitary organization’s main mission is to fight against the “terrorist” movements of the Resistance.

Who is the Gestapo?

The Gestapoan acronym taken from the German Geheime Staatspolizei meaning “Secret State Police”, was the political police of the Third Reich.

Who are the French mercenaries?

The military origin of french mercenaries is the source of their ambiguous relations with the French special and intelligence services. The main pools are the parachute regiments, the navy troops (ex-colonial) and the Foreign Legion.

How old is Bob Denard?

78 years old ()Bob Denard / Age at the time of death It was in 2006 that he was tried for these facts…. and sentenced to 5 years in prison, suspended. Bob Denard said to assume his responsibilities. After 40 years of action in Africa, he was finally killed by Alzheimer’s disease in 78 years old.