How do you know if you need to change the windows?

How do you know if you need to change the windows?

How do you know if you need to change the windows?

A moving flame is an undeniable sign that the weatherstripping is no longer doing its job and that it must change your Windows. Unnecessary weatherstripping leads to a significant loss of energy, increases heating needs and electricity bills, especially during very cold winter weather.

Why do a speed test?

This speed test works regardless of the technology used for your internet connection, namely ADSL, fiber optic, cable or 4G. The higher your measured speed, the better your internet connection.

What is the speed of a step?

Your walking speed is on average between 5 and 6 km/hour. The average heart beats at 1 beat per minute. At 6km/h, you may be slightly out of breath and start to sweat. You walk at a speed greater than 6 km/h and up to 8 km/h.

How to measure the speed of an nPerf server?

This speed test available on the Ariase website allows you to measure the speed of your connection from an nPerf server. In France, nPerf has 22 servers totaling more than 200 Gb/s of bandwidth.

What is the maximum speed of a fiber connection?

The reasoning is the same for the data you send from your box: a transmission rate of 500 Mbit/s actually corresponds to a maximum fiber upload speed of 62.5 Mb/s (500 divided by 8). Let’s take an example of 3 fiber connections at different speeds: 100 Mbit/s, 500 Mbit/s and 1 Gbit/s.