How do you let go of your emotions?

How do you let go of your emotions?

How do you let go of your emotions?

To allow to unload a little more tension emotional of our body, it can be useful to perform some physical exercises. This can be simply with the help of a physical activity, such as running, cycling, or walking, or any other sport allowing you to evacuate.

What is the latest definition of emotion?

In summary, here is the last definition given by Mayer and Salovey. “The ability to perceive emotion, to integrate to facilitate thought, to understand emotions and to control them in order to promote personal fulfillment” (1997).

Who invented emotions?

Charles Darwin () was one of the first to be interested in emotions and their universal character. Famous for his work on the evolution of species, he relied on the similarity between human and animal emotions.

What is Emotional Balance?

Emotional balance. “The ability to perceive one’s own emotions as well as those of others, to understand them, to use them and to regulate them to achieve a clearly defined goal. This therefore highlights a precise knowledge and then a rational analysis of emotions.”

What is the Emotional Scale?

The emotional scale, according to Claude Steiner and Paul Perry, allows us to understand at what stage we are on the awareness of our emotions. And therefore develop our emotional intelligence.