How do you make vegetable wax?

How do you make vegetable wax?

How do you make vegetable wax?

The wax original vegetable It is extracted from plants such as soy, rapeseed, rice and many others. It is also 100% natural, but you still have to To do pay attention to its origin (if the plants are treated for example).

How is soy wax made?

Today the soy wax is made from oil soy which undergoes a process of hydrogenation to give it a more solid consistency. The exact process is a trade secret and is of course not disclosed.

Who looks like wax?

CERACÉ (sé-ra-sé, sée) adj. Didactic term. who looks like or the consistency of wax.

What is the difference between a wax and an oil?

plasticity: a wax is malleable at room temperature; a melting point above 45°C (which differentiates waxes from fats and oils); low viscosity when melted (unlike many plastics); hydrophobicity: a wax is insoluble in water.

What are oils-waxes?

Wax-oils are the result of a meticulously balanced blend of oil and wax. Thus, the substance obtained has the hardness and resistance of transformed oils while keeping the properties of rapid polishing and flexibility of waxes.

What is the shelf life of the wax?

Store leftover wax in the fridge at home (you don’t need to refrigerate it). If you store it correctly, it will keep for about a month. Refrigerate beef fat. In general, tallow is obtained from the fat found around the kidneys of cows.

How to make a styling wax?

Styling wax: the recipe. It’s very simple and quick: you need: 2 CASE of coconut oil. 1 CASE of jojoba oil. 2CAS of beeswax flakes. optional: essential oil (2 drops) to choose according to the properties.