How do you plant plantain?

How do you plant plantain?

How do you plant plantain?

Taste it plantain Taste them raw in a salad (the young are less bitter) or cooked, in soup or as a side dish. You can also lactoferment them and concoct an original sauerkraut! Picked in the spring, the inflorescences are eaten raw in a salad or quickly pan-fried.

How to plant plantain seeds?

Sowing of plantain seeds: Prepare a box of fine compost, sow the seeds from above then gently water the culture. It is not necessary to bury the seeds. Gently water the crop with a hand sprayer.

Which soil for plantain?

Great plantain (Plantago major) prefers rich, moist, well-drained soil, but it can still grow in poor, fairly dry, sandy soils.

When to harvest plantain seeds?

the plantain can be harvested 10 months out of 12, but the best time is spring. Using a scissor, cut leaves, stems and flowers.

When to sow plantain seeds?

the plantain is very hardy and cold resistant. Sowing : Sow from March to September in sunny exposure, then thin the plants every 15 cm.

How to grow bananas?

Germination: Sowing the seeds of bananas less than 1 cm deep and backfill with compost. Water the seeds until the soil is moist, not soaked, and maintain its moist conditions throughout until you get the banana plants from seed.

How to dry plantain?

Done to dry plant in a warm, dry place away from direct sunlight. Spray the dry plant with a mortar or in a blender. Place it in an airtight jar and cover with alcohol. For 100 g of dry plant, use 500 ml of alcohol (rate 1/5).

How to germinate banana seeds?

Cultivation method:

  1. Let them soak seeds for 24 hours in clear water.
  2. Fill a pot with light potting soil and bury the seed about 1 cm deep.
  3. Place the seed with the eye obligatorily on the side so that the leaf and the root push in.

Is the plantain a plant full of virtues?

9 things to know about plantain, a plant full of virtues! Although its cultivation is not very sought after, it is still possible to cultivate Plantago.

What are the benefits of plantain salad?

Rich in vitamins C and A (in the form of beta-carotene) as well as calcium, plantin is also good once on the plate! You can eat plantain in salads from the beginning of spring. The taste of young shoots is reminiscent of mushrooms.

What are the different types of plantains?

There are three main species in France/Central Europe: the greater plantain (Plantago major) with its broad, oval leaves, the lanceolate plantain (Plantago lanceolata) which has lance-shaped, elongated and pointed leaves, and the plantain medium (Plantago media) which is between the two.

When is the best time to remove plantain?

You can control its development by removing it by hand, just like the dandelion, although the operation can be tedious. The best time to remove the plantain is before it goes to seed. Plantain knows few threats of any kind.