How do you say hello in Mongolian?

How do you say hello in Mongolian?

How do you say hello in Mongolian?

Language Mongolian is written in Cyrillic….Basic expressions / Common words.

FrenchMongolian / Phonetic
Hello / Good eveningСайн байна уу / Sain baina uu

Who beat the Mongols?

The Russians win their first victory against the Mongols in 1380 at the Battle of Kulikovo. From 1430, the Golden Horde began to break up, with the creation of the Crimean Khanate.

What is your Mongolian people called?

The Mongols are a nomadic people currently living in Mongolia, Russia and China. The four main ethnic groups are the Mongols centers (of which Khalkha is the dominant dialect of Mongolia and chakhar, that of Mongolia-Interior), the Oirates, the Buryats and the Kalmyks.

How is Mongolian written?

Modern Mongolian is written both in the traditional Mongolian alphabet called Bitchig Mongolian and in the Cyrillic Mongolian alphabet. The total number of Mongolian speakers is estimated at over 6 million.

What is the language of Mongolian?

Mongolian belongs to the Altaic language family and is one of the three branches of this language family along with Turkish and Tungusic.

What is Mongolian?

edit – edit code – see wikidata. Mongolian (in Mongolian: ᠮᠣᠩᠭᠣᠯ. ᠬᠡᠯᠡ, API Khalkha: [mɔŋɢɔ̆ɮ xiɮ]VPMC: Mongol qele, Cyrillic: Монгол хэл, MNS: Mongol khel, literally: Mongolian language) is a language belonging to the Mongolic language group, which itself is part of the controversial Altaic language family.

Is Mongolian spoken in China?

Mongolian is also spoken in China (especially in Inner Mongolia, Dongbei, Hebei, Gansu and Ningxia by 3.38 million people, of whom 2.5 million speak only this language). This Mongolian of Inner Mongolia rests on dialectal bases somewhat different from that of Mongolia;