How do you write a gem?

How do you write a gem?

How do you write a gem?

jewel nm Object made of precious materials, used in particular for adornment.

What is the plural of the word jewel?

Precious ornament of gold, silver, precious stones, who is used for adornment, such as bracelets, earrings, etc. (By extension) (Beneficial) Precious object, of great value….Last name commmon.


What is the plural of the word pious?

stake1, piles. Plur. piles.

What is the plural of the word fire?

firefire, fire, fire.

What is the plural of the word middle?

Common name


What is a pious woman?

 piles, pious Who is animated by feelings of piety; which marks these feelings: pious woman. A picture pious. 2. Who feels a love mixed with respect or is inspired by this feeling: A godly son.

Why is a bed called a stake?

Getting stuck is a way of indicating to your direct entourage that you are going to return to your space where your bed to start his night’s sleep. The term derives from the word stakewhich would be a contraction of piece of skin, designating a bed in the 18th century.

What is the plural of Ceasefire?


What is the grammatical class of the word middle?

ENVIRONMENT, noun. masc. a) Part (point, line, plane, etc.) (of a thing) which is equidistant from the extremities, edges (of this thing).

Why tire takes an s in the plural?

How to write the word tire to plural ? Not easy to know how swrite the name tire to plural, s‘he take an x or a s because both are found in French to form the plural names that end in -eu . As it concerns tire he receives a s of plural : we write tires .

What is the Jewel?

JEWEL, noun. masc. A. − Adornment made of precious metal or precious stones. Synon. jewel. It is a precious ring sizer from which the jewel has disappeared (Barrès, Jard. Oronte, 1922, p. 135): 1…. it [le duc de Bourgogne] dominated everything: he had more knights of his own than all the other princes put together; he spread his generosity everywhere.

What is the synonym of jewel?

synonyms – jewel#N#report a problem. jewel (n.) (figurative) treasure. jewel (nm) beauty, jewel, diamond, marvel, adornment, pearl, precious stone, solitaire. jewel (nm) (figurative) piece of resistance (figurative)

What is the difference between a gem and a jewelry?

A jewel is an object made of precious material, generally intended for adornment. Jewelery is the art of highlighting a jewel, generally a precious stone, and this, most often, in a jewel.

What is the Crown Jewel?

Each of the people in his hotel wore a gold jewel made in the shape of a masons’ square and plumb line, to signify that everything was going to be put back in order and in solid order. Barante, Hist. dukes Bourg., t. 3, 1821-24, p. 158. ♦ Crown Jewels. Set of jewels transmitted to kings by hereditary right (from Ac.).