How does a dry cleaning machine work?

How does a dry cleaning machine work?

How does a dry cleaning machine work?

In terms of dry cleaningonly one machine is necessary. She works in two stages: The phase of cleaning during which the linen is placed in a bath of solvents which undergoes rotation. Once the cycle is finished, the solvents are stored in the machine for the cleaning following.

What product should I use for dry cleaning?

the dry cleaning homemade with lye and vinegar

  • For your preparation: mix lukewarm water, white vinegar and a small amount of washing-up liquid.
  • Lay your garment flat.
  • Take a glove soaked in the preparation and wring it out.
  • Then still with your glove, dab the dirty parts.

Why use perchlorethylene for cleaning clothes?

The first product adopted was trichlorethylene (CCl 2 =CHCl), a powerful solvent ensuring effective cleaning. The arrival on the market of fabrics made of triacetate rayon, liable to be damaged by this solvent, has led dyers to use perchlorethylene (CCl 2 =CCl 2) for most garments.

What is Perchlorethylene?

This volatile organic compound is mainly used for dry cleaning fabrics and for degreasing metals. He is listed in a table of occupational diseases because of the health effects. The Ministry of Health is currently defining a protocol for the specialized medical care of people exposed to perchlorethylene.

How to get rid of perchlorethylene?

It is recommended that textiles that have been dry-cleaned be well ventilated. If perchlorethylene comes into contact with skin or eyes, flush with plenty of water, call the poison control center and seek medical attention.

What is the detection threshold for perchlorethylene in air?

The detection threshold for perchlorethylene in air is approximately 1 ppm (part per million). Perchlorethylene is practically insoluble in water but miscible in most organic solvents.