How does a separation of property take place?

How does a separation of property take place?

How does a separation of property take place?

The separation of property is a conventional matrimonial regime. It allows each spouse to remain the sole owner of their goods after marriage. However, those acquired jointly remain in joint ownership. The separation of property makes it possible to avoid conflicts related to the sharing of goods in case of divorce.

Why choose separation of property?

The separation of the goods allows you to maintain true financial independence from your spouse. This allows you to manage your money independently, as before your marriage. For entrepreneurs, this ensures that creditors cannot touch the assets of the rest of the family.

How to make a separation of property after marriage?

In the regime of separation of propertyeach of the spouses owns (and is responsible for) the goods which he acquired before and during the wedding. There is no common heritage. The legal rules governing the regime of separation of property are contained in the Civil Code, articles 1536 and following.

Who inherits in case of separation of property?

The surviving spouse married under the separation of property recovers his goods clean and inherited on the goods owned by the deceased spouse. The death of the spouse has consequences for the estate of the surviving spouse.

What is the price of a marriage contract at the notary?

392 euros minimum to write a wedding contract 125 euros for registration fee, called fixed fee, 13.99 euros for requesting a civil act, 6.99 euros for the authentic copy of the act, 233 euros for the emoluments of the notary.