How does an army change take place?

How does an army change take place?

How does an army change take place?

Whether you want to make a change of army, you must either end your contract and restart the procedures to join thearmy from Earth to you returning to your CIRFA. Either ask your hierarchy for the possibility of obtaining a joint transfer.

How do I change regiments?

For this, you must report to your section head. Whether or not you accept the transfer will depend on your hierarchy, the places available and the needs of the Army.

Is it possible to change armies?

The military serving under contract may change of strength army or related training and, where applicable, change of attachment body under the same conditions as the military careers. In this case, It is takes out a new commitment without interruption of service.

How to change weapons in the army?

You must make a report to your head of section explaining that you wish change army. Depending on your rank and seniority, you may have to redo your classes or upgrade.

How do I transfer to another regiment?

You will ask your hierarchy for your transfer. My [indiquez le grade]I have the honor hereby to submit to you my transfer request. I am currently [grade et affectation actuelle] and I wish to be transferred to [corps d’armée et lieu].

How do I apply for a military transfer?

How to ask your mutation ? Your request must To do as part of the annual plan mutation of the Ministry of the Armed Forces. To join us, reply to one of our prospecting messages published on the intranet of your human resources department (HRD).

How to transfer army?

Officers are transferred on a compulsory basis approximately every 4 to 6 years, or even every 2 years for senior officers. They express 4 wishes for a future duty station and the human resources management of theLand Force try to give them satisfaction in one of the 4 choices.

What conversion for a soldier?

What a conversion after the army?

  • Defense Mobility: a system of conversion for them military.
  • Join the public service.
  • Work in security and surveillance.
  • Opt to entrepreneurship.
  • Back to school.

What are the requirements of the military profession?

You have to be rigorous, vigilant and respectful of the hierarchy. You have to have a sense of teamwork and mutual support. the military is part of trades devoted to defense, so he must be brave and ready to put his life at risk during missions.

What is the applicable regime for the volunteer in the armies?

Applicable scheme. Volunteers in the armed forces are subject to general disciplinary regulations in the armed forces and to military leave regimes.

What is the duration of voluntary service in the armies?

The duration of the commitment is 1 year renewable. The volunteer receives a monthly salary (remuneration) and can advance in rank, under conditions. Please note: volunteering in the armies should not be confused with voluntary enlistment in the armies, which corresponds to the signing of a contract as a professional soldier.

How to be a volunteer in the armies?

To be a volunteer in the armed forces, you must fulfill the following cumulative conditions: possess French nationality; be between 17 and 26 years old on the date of submission of the application; be recognized as physically and medically fit; be in good standing with national service obligations.

How to prepare army meals?

They are prepared daily by the Army catering teams. In the field and on mission, make way for “field” cooking if possible or individual 24-hour combat rations. In all cases, you benefit from balanced and studied meals to allow you to follow a sustained operational rhythm.