How does life work in France?

How does life work in France?

How does life work in France?

the LIFE lasts between 6 and 24 months and can be renewed once for a maximum of 2 years. The renewal must be requested from the managing organization 1 to 3 months before the end of the mission. the LIFE must take place at least 183 days per year abroad.

What is the monthly budget of a foreign student in France?

Curriculum, scholarships, equipment, health, housing, aid, daily expenses and job-internship earnings: all the criteria that will determine your budget over the year. To obtain your visa and come to study in Franceyou must have sufficient resources estimated at approximately €5,000 per year, or €430 per month.

What leisure budget per month?

Household income is a determining factor in determining the amount spent on Leisure : households with income above €2,000 per month spend €746 per year (-€83), compared to €461 for those with lower incomes (+€17).

How are living conditions in France?

The birth rate remains one of the highest in Europe. A hope of life high, especially for women is also a characteristic of French demography. A rather late age at the end of studies associated with an early end to activity leads to a relatively low activity rate.

How much does a student cost to live in France?

In summary, we can therefore say that the monthly charges to which a student who wishes to live in France amount to between 6 euros.

What are the charges for students in France?

In France, students have to deal with various tasks during their studies. Of course, there are tuition fees and course materials, but there is also accommodation, electricity, food, public transport, clothing, Internet package, telephone package, etc.

How can French students take care of their health?

In general, French students seem to take care of their health: they describe it as “good”, do not hesitate to consult their general practitioner or their dentist, 64% do sports at least once a week and sleep during the week between six and eight hours a night.

What budget for foreign students?

This is why the consular services require foreign students to be able to prove financial resources of at least 615 euros per month throughout the academic year, i.e. 12 months.