How Does Music Influence Our Lives?

How Does Music Influence Our Lives?

How Does Music Influence Our Lives?

The music can banish a bad mood or alleviate temporary depression. The intense pleasure felt while listening to a piece acts on our brain through the secretion of dopamine, the happiness hormone that regulates negative emotions and makes us happy.

What is Music Theory?

Music: a story of proportion. A bit of theory… As early as Antiquity, Pythagoras managed to mathematically calculate the sound ratios of the most harmonious musical intervals. The interval between two notes is measured by calculating the frequency ratio between the highest note and the lowest note.

How can musical writing be explained by mathematics?

It was composed between 17 and illustrates in a remarkable way how the art of musical writing can be explained by mathematics. The fugue is a musical form where different parts take up the same motif.

What is the political aspect of music?

The political aspect of music connects citizens who also share an intimate being-together.

Why listen to music while exercising?

No wonder we enjoy listening to music while exercising: music stimulates and encourages physical exertion because it literally “turns on” all areas of our brain, not just the auditory area (which corresponds to the region of the brain responsible for interpreting sounds).