How does pine treat?

How does pine treat?

How does pine treat?

Raw wood no treaty and impregnated can be directly treaty (without primer) with oil, stain or paint offered by Jotun. Beforehand, degreasing and sanding are necessary for a good result. For treat a raw wood with oil, use Jotun Treolje V.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Pine for its terrace?

Even after autoclave treatment, pine remains competitive in terms of price: you can find treated pine at less than 20 euros/m². Not very dense, pine is an easy-to-work wood that easily supports nailing and screwing. Choosing pine for the construction of your terrace means choosing local wood at a competitive price.

What is the durability of the treated pines?

The durability of THT-treated pines has not yet been fully assessed, but it is a solution that has proven itself in cladding in particular. THT woods very quickly turn gray then black, in a fairly uniform way.

Is pine dangerous?

YES – On the other hand, it is necessary to apply fungicide and insecticide protection to the pine because the areas of young wood called sapwood (yellow white wood) can be attacked by fungi, mold or even rot depending on exposure to bad weather.

What is the difference between pine wood and maritime pine?

On the other hand, pine wood, such as Scots Pine, Maritime Pine, are very impregnable species. They retain a large amount of active ingredient (fungicide and insecticide), and are therefore suitable for more demanding use, being able to retain water or be in permanent contact with the ground (Class 4).