How does the decibel scale work?

How does the decibel scale work?

How does the decibel scale work?

In fact, theladder logarithmic works as follows: add 3 dB corresponds to multiplying the sound intensity by two: 26 dB is therefore twice as strong as 23 dB and 23 dB is itself twice as strong as 20 dB. remove 3 dB corresponds to dividing the sound intensity by two.

What is noise measurement?

Noise measurement helps to find out which workstations have excessive noise, which employees may be exposed to sound levels that could cause hearing loss, and what other noise measures should be taken.

How long does it take to measure a noise?

The minimum number of measurements is three for each task and in no case can a measurement be less than five minutes. If the noise fluctuates randomly during a task, “the duration of each measurement must be long enough to ensure that the measured value is representative of the entire task”.

How long does the noise level assessment take?

The evaluation of the noise levels and the results of the measurement must be kept for 10 years. In the event of formal notice by the labor inspector: the employer must have a measurement carried out by an organization accredited in this field.

How to calculate the noise of a company?

Performed with a sound level meter: at the level of the operator’s ear; A mapping of the noise in the company is thus produced. Leq = Laeq = sound level measured in dBA.