How does the fan motor work?

How does the fan motor work?

How does the fan motor work?

The current of air it produces lowers the temperature of the coolant. the motor fan starts up when the termo-switch signals that the coolant is at a temperature close to 90°C. the fan stops when the liquid drops to 80°C.

How does a fan work?

The fan is powered when the switch is activated, while fan speed and light (if the fan has one) are controlled by pull chains on the fan itself or by a remote control device.

How to connect a ceiling fan to an electrical box?

Connect the ground wire from the ceiling fan (often this is connected to the fan bracket) to the circuit ground wire and to the electrical box (if metal). Join the three wires together with an appropriately sized wire connector.

How to check the voltage of a fan?

If a fan or light fixture is already mounted on the housing, detach the block or cover, if necessary, without touching the wires. Use a non-contact voltage tester to check the voltage of each wire in the box.

How to maintain a fan or light fixture?

Remove the old fan or light fixture, if present. Straighten each circuit wire from the box and make sure it is in good condition, with about 1 to 2 centimeters of stripped insulation at the end. If necessary, cut off any damaged part of the wire and strip the end using pliers.