How does the kahoot work?

How does the kahoot work?

How does the kahoot work?

is an online application (in English) for generating interactive MCQs. The latter, used in class on a tablet, smartphone or computer, give students the opportunity to self-assess, while viewing their level of success and that of their classmates live.

To share with other people To get started, simply open the options menu of kahoot [ ⋮ ] and choose ” To share “. In the “Share with others” area Kahoot! ‘ers’, type a person’s username and choose their name from the list that appears below.

How to know the kahoot answers?

open a kahoot that you want to present. Click Start. This will launch a live game. In the Settings panel (to open it, click on the switch icon on the left of the screen), activate the option Show questions and answers.

How to get the PIN code of a kahoot?

When you go to, or when you open our mobile app and press the “Enter the pin code “, you will see a field that requires a ” pin code of play”. One pin code game is a coded unique temporary that identifies the game you want to participate in.

What is Kahoot?

Kahoot is a free, fun online platform for evaluation through an ultra-simple and stimulating online quiz system. This learning software has an existing application on iOS and Android.

What are the disadvantages of Kahoot?

In terms of Kahoot! cons, the biggest cons highlighted are. .… On top of that, the vast majority of its best features are hidden behind a paywall and its confusing pricing schemes are huge hurdles for new users.

What is the price of a Kahoot subscription?

Well, Kahoot! charges $480 per year for the simple ability to change the background color to 1 of 8 options. Access to the image library is also limited to users who are willing to shell out for a one-year subscription.

What are the different types of slides on Kahoot?

On Kahoot’s free plan, users have access to only 2 types of slides: a “Quiz” slide (multiple choice) and a “True or False” slide (a more limited multiple choice).