How far apart are two pepper plants?

How far apart are two pepper plants?

How far apart are two pepper plants?

1 – Respect a distance planting height of 50 cm Between each pepper. 2 – Enrich the soil with compost. 3 – The base of the rods can be buried 5 cm.

How far between tomatoes and peppers?

A spacing of 40 cm Between the plants and Between ranks are enough.

What plant protects peppers?

Basil adds flavor to your peppers. It is also very effective in the fight against aphids which are parasitic insects of peppers….Plant of the peppers in your vegetable garden: associate them with other plants !

  • The tomatoes;
  • the Basilic;
  • the eggplants.

What space between tomato plants?

80 cm Keep some spacing between tomato stalks The distance of planting oscillates Between 70cm and 80cm Between each foot and each row. Such a distance avoids creating an atmosphere conducive to the development of cryptogamic diseases.

How to prune pepper plants?

Cut from pepper When the plant bears about a dozen fruits, shorten the main stem above the last. Then prune all the secondary fruit-bearing branches after the last, keeping two leaves above to promote the supply of sap.

What association with peppers?

Location and association favorable to peppers and peppers in the vegetable garden. peppers and peppers do not get along with other Solanaceae: tomato, eggplant, potato. They make good companionship with cabbage, carrot, marigold, marigold.

How to plant peppers in a pot?

For potted peppers: 1 Choose a location in full sun 2 Space each plant 50 cm in all directions 3 Make planting holes 20 cm deep and wide 4 Fill the holes with compost or decomposed manure 5 Remove the bucket and plant the seedling up to the collar 6 Compact the soil 7 Water abundantly More …

When to plant peppers?

Pepper plants are only planted in a frost-free situation and preferably at a temperature between 15 and 25°C. In a greenhouse, planting can be done from the month of April.

How to prune peppers?

In the north of the country, it is important to prune this fruit vegetable! It is necessary to cut the end of the stems when the foot carries a dozen peppers, in this way they will be of better caliber and will reach maturity more easily.

How long does it take to grow peppers?

Crop rotation: Wait 3-4 years before growing peppers again on the plot. Grow root vegetables before peppers and after, bulb vegetables to best manage the earth’s resources. Avoid growing peppers after cucumbers!