How high is a hedge at the property line?

How high is a hedge at the property line?

How high is a hedge at the property line?

In the absence of local provisions, the general rule is that one cannot plant a tree or a hedge less than 50 centimeters from the limit of his property if planting is 2 meters or less high, or within 2 meters of the limit if the plantation exceeds 2 meters.

Why should certain trees not be planted near a house?

Because they grow quickly and are fragile, some trees should not be planted near a house. This is the case, for example, of the locust, the magnolia, the weeping willow or even the chestnut tree, which can lose their leaves.

How to plant trees and shrubs in a party wall?

For party walls, the rule concerning trees and shrubs does not apply to trellised plants such as espaliered fruit trees or climbers. Against an adjoining separation wall, it is therefore authorized to plant at the foot of the wall as long as the trellised plant does not exceed the crest of the wall.

What are the rules for planting trees and hedges?

Here are the “basic” rules: Trees and shrubs taller than 2m when fully grown (and not on the day of planting…) must be planted at least 2m from the property line (fence). Tree and hedge not exceeding 2 meters must be planted at least 50cm from the neighboring land.

What to do in case of planting trees or shrubs?

If no solution is found, it is the district court which must be seized. Here is what the law says about planting trees or shrubs, knowing that your municipality has been able to make changes to them through a municipal decree or a subdivision regulation, which you are invited to come and consult in city ​​hall.