How important is money in our daily life?

How important is money in our daily life?

How important is money in our daily life?

L’money has-youhe so manyimportance ? Omnipresent in modern society, themoney appears as the center and motor of all human actions. L’money is a means by which one can do good (to oneself and to others) and which allows access to well-being, sometimes even to happiness.

Why do people love money?

L’money can accomplish and bring us a lot of things: comfort, freedom, serenity, travel, dreams, education, generosity, etc. It can allow us to offer others to help other people, to spoil those we love and enjoy great freedom.

What are the benefits of wealth?

The largest wealth advantageis that it makes it possible to make debts.

Why have money?

Money is not an end in itself, but a means. A way to ensure good health, pleasure, and above all a certain freedom. 1. Freedom. I think that’s the most important point. Having money is allowing us to do what we want or almost.

What are the benefits of silver?

Money is present in your hobbies (your reading, your music), in your home (your bed, your table…), in your friendly relations (dinner, an aperitif, going to the cinema…). Here I quote a passage from a book that talks about it very well and summarizes this aspect: The art of simplicity: Owning less for more freedom and joy.

Why does money flow freely in our life?

When money circulates freely in our life, it means that we are economically healthy” It is obvious, life is sometimes cruelly difficult when you have few means, that you have to count day after day how much it will we stay to live or survive.

Is money a given in our society?

The importance of money is obvious in our society. Yes, but to what extent? Shouldn’t we rather adapt our way of life according to our means?