How is a monthly payment calculated?

How is a monthly payment calculated?

How is a monthly payment calculated?

The monthly payment : it is mandatory !

  1. Monthly means smoothing the salary over the year. …
  2. monthly wage = weekly hourly rate X hourly wage X 52 / 12. …
  3. your weekly schedule X your hourly wage X 52 / 12.

How to calculate an average salary over 12 months?

For calculate his salary of annual reference, it is necessary to add all the wages received over the last twelve monthincluding the thirteenth month, premiums and bonuses. Always refer to gross amounts. Once the total sum has been determined, simply divide it by 12.

How to calculate the monthly payment of a nanny?

The monthly payment therefore consists of calculate the annual salary ofchildminderthen dividing it by 12 to transform it into a smoothed monthly salary.

How to calculate the salary?

The calculation of the salary begins with the determination of the gross salary. This gross amount includes much more than the agreed remuneration for working hours: overtime, extra-legal benefits, end-of-year bonus, pay for public holidays and vacation days, as well as a guaranteed salary in the event of illness or accident of…

How much is a monthly salary?

Its amount appears in the employee’s employment contract and is also indicated on the pay slip: it is generally the first line of an employee’s pay slip. For executives and certain administrative functions, we are not talking about a basic monthly salary, but rather about salaries.

What is the basic monthly salary?

Another example: an employee paid €15 gross per hour and working 39 hours per week will have a basic monthly salary of €2,2535. What is base salary? What is the basic monthly salary compared to the gross salary or the net salary?

How to calculate the gross basic monthly salary?

Multiply these two numbers to get the gross base monthly salary. Thus, an employee who would be paid at an hourly rate of €12 gross calculates his basic monthly salary as follows: €12 multiplied by 151.67 hours (35 hours per week multiplied by 52 weeks per year then divided by 12 months ).