How is a professional kitchen organized?

How is a professional kitchen organized?

How is a professional kitchen organized?

The 5 components of a professional kitchen

  1. Storage room.
  2. Cleaning station.
  3. Food preparation station.
  4. Cooking station.
  5. Dish dressing station.

What are the functions of a kitchen?

The food is a specific room in a building, specially equipped for the preparation of food and dishes. There is generally running water and various household appliances (stove, oven, refrigerator, etc.).

What are the positions in the kitchen?

In Food :

  • Boss of Food.
  • Second/Second of food.
  • Pastry Chef/Pastry Chef.
  • Cook/cook.
  • Clerk of food/Committed to food.
  • Help from food.
  • Diver/diver.
  • Versatile employee.

How to arrange a kitchen in an apartment?

What tips to better optimize the space?

  1. Make good use of the ceiling height, by installing additional furniture and shelves.
  2. To buy modular and retractable furniture to free up space with a simple gesture.

What type of kitchen for a rental?

Choose one food functional and timeless style, which can suit all tastes. Linear layouts, white and wood are generally popular and will go very well with all decorations. Namely: a lease with food equipped is not a lease furnished.

What are the components of the modular outdoor kitchen?

The sink, countertop and cooking equipment are all components of the modular outdoor kitchen, but only the first is usually a permanent installation. In fact, it is very common for the sink to be the only fixed element in the outdoor kitchen, often placed so as to share the wall with that of the house.

How to arrange a summer kitchen?

The modular kitchen is a very popular solution for furnishing your exterior thanks to its versatility and its relatively limited investment in terms of space and budget. In our blog we have already mentioned the different ideas for setting up a summer kitchen, whether modular or permanent, covered or not.

What is the outdoor modular kitchen?

The outdoor modular kitchen is normally designed as a mixture of permanent and freestanding appliances that lend themselves to being assembled and reassembled according to your desires and needs.