How is an air conditioning installation going?

How is an air conditioning installation going?

How is an air conditioning installation going?

Installing the indoor unit air conditioner

  1. Check that no electrical conduit pass into the wall and mark the drill marks positioning the unit on the wall.
  2. Drill using a hammer drill using the markings, insert the dowels and screw the mounting brackets.

What works to install an air conditioning?

Air conditioning system ready to pose

  • Fixing brackets of the outdoor unit and of the indoor unit.
  • Drill the hole through which the connections will pass.
  • Fix the fittings.
  • Connect the power cables to the indoor unit.
  • Connect the pipes to the indoor unit.

How to install air conditioning in a house?

For the indoor unit, identify a wall with a height of 2 meters or more. The wall must be strong enough to support the weight of the splits. It will be necessary to leave a little space around each unit to allow a professional to maintain or troubleshoot your air conditioner in good conditions.

How does a piped air conditioner work?

Works on a principle of evaporation Un air conditioner conventional uses a refrigerant to function. It produces cold by absorbing calories from heat. These must be evacuated to the outside by a pipe drain that passes through the wall or window.

Where to install air conditioning in a house?

The best place where to install the indoor unit of a air conditioner is located in the middle of a wall of the room where the air conditioner. Very often, it is the most open place which therefore allows better circulation and diffusion of the air passing through the air conditioner.

What is the price of an air conditioner?

Whether split, wall-mounted, mobile or reversible, the refrigerant air conditioner is expensive. Much more affordable, the portable air conditioner without evacuation will appeal to small budgets. Prices start around 70 euros and most models can reduce the temperature of a room by 2°C on average.

How to choose a mobile air conditioner without a drain hose?

Choosing a portable air conditioner without a drain requires taking into account criteria related to performance, tank capacity and functionality. If your means allow it, choose a device on wheels and stable. The size of the room to be cooled determines all the other selection criteria.

What are the benefits of a ventless air conditioner?

And the absence of refrigerant gas makes it an ecological device. Even if it remains less efficient than the refrigerant fluid air conditioner, the air conditioner without evacuation reduces the temperature in a room by 2°C. The colder the water in the tank, the cooler the air will be. In addition, this type of device often offers 3 fan speeds.

How to reduce the temperature of an air conditioner?

You can also switch to silent mode if your air conditioner has this option. Also reduce the temperature little by little: instead of going from 35° to 25° for example, go from 35° to 31° then from 31° to 29° and so on. Going from 35° to 25° directly makes more noise.