How is composite wood made?

How is composite wood made?

How is composite wood made?

the composite woodalso called WPC (Wood plastic composite), is a material says composite which consists on the one hand of plastic resins and on the other hand of fibers of drink. Originally from Japan, the composite wood was designed to replace the essences of drink exotic who are strongly threatened with extinction.

What is the difference between wood and artificial wood?

Researchers from the University of Science and Technology of China have developed a light and tough material like wood. Even better, this fire resistant artificial wood does not degrade in water and acid.

How to choose the right artificial wood?

It therefore does not deform and undergo neither expansion nor contraction. Moreover, it is possible to opt for an even more robust artificial wood by choosing it fireproof, lacquered, melamine, curved or even water-repellent. Finally, MDF is a cheap wood while respecting the environment.

What are the advantages of alternative wood?

This alternative wood has many advantages over its model. First, the material resists corrosion extremely well, in water as well as in acid, whereas wood loses its resistance. Then, it is much more difficult to ignite and goes out once out of the flame.

Why do scientists draw inspiration from wood in their research?

Scientists are inspired by wood in their research because of its lightness and its mechanical properties which offer many resistances.