How is gas formed underground?

How is gas formed underground?

How is gas formed underground?

the gas natural that men extract from the depths is in fact of organic origin and formed from the decomposition of plankton and algae over millions of years. Indeed, most organic waste is destroyed and digested by bacteria.

How is gas produced?

He is formed by the maceration of numerous terrestrial or marine elements. It is found in the ground, trapped in rocks, in a naturally gaseous form. We extract the gas natural by drilling, just like oil. He is note that these two hydrocarbons are most of the time in the same place.

What are the conflicts between the Middle East and oil?

The Middle East and Oil. “Black Gold” is at the heart of the conflicts. A source of wealth and rivalry, oil played a major role in the region in the 20th century. The Persian Gulf composed of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Iraq and Iran concentrates a large part of the world’s oil reserves.

Why is the Middle East a crossroads?

The Middle East is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is a crossroads because the region is at the junction of Europe, Africa and Asia. Since antiquity it is a place of contacts and exchanges. In the center 5 states: Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel.

What are the challenges in the Middle East?

Introduction: oil is the main resource of the countries of the Near and Middle East, which is the world’s leading oil exporting region. As such, the Middle East is a strategic area with considerable challenges 1. Presentation of the Middle East Location exercise:

Is oil a vital resource for the Middle East?

Oil is a vital resource for the Middle East Oil is the main resource of many Middle Eastern countries and the basis of their wealth 2