How is health insurance calculated?

How is health insurance calculated?

How is health insurance calculated?

Calculation daily allowance disease The daily allowance paid during a work stoppage for disease is equal to 50% of the “basic daily salary”. The basic daily salary is calculated based on the average gross wages for the 3 months preceding the work stoppage.

What is the maximum amount of daily sickness benefit in 2021?

205,84 € ” The amount of yours daily allowances evolves over time. During the first 28 days following the cessation of your work: thedaily allowance is equal to 60% of your salary daily basic, with a maximum amount capped at €205.84 on January 1 2021.

How to calculate the IJSS illness 2022?

For an employee receiving a gross monthly salary of €2,000 who is off work for disease :

  1. calculation the basic daily salary (SJB) = €65.75 (corresponds to the average salary received over the last 3 months divided by 91.25 days, i.e. 2,000*3/91.25);
  2. maximum amount of the IJ in 2022 : €48.69;

How to calculate your salary in the event of sick leave?

Example: for a salary €1,700 per month for the 3 months preceding thestop of work. The employee receives daily allowances set at €27.95 per day (i.e. 1,700 x 3 / 91.25 = 55.89, then 55.89 x 50% = 27.95).

What is the maximum amount of daily allowances?

The IJ cannot exceed €48.69 gross. Your salary taken into account to calculate your gain daily basic, is capped at 1.8 times the amount of the Smic in force, on the last day of the month who precedes the shutdown (i.e. €2,962.05 per month in 2022).

How to be paid 100 in sick leave?

To qualify, you must:

  • Justify at least one year of seniority on the 1st day of absence,
  • Have sent your employer the medical certificate within 48 hours,
  • Collect the Social Security IJ,
  • Receive treatment in France or in one of the member states of the European Economic Area (EEA),

How is subrogation calculated?

The idea is that you have to calculate the usual net salary, and apply an adjustment (the guarantee on net) so that: Net salary + net IJSS = net salary that the employee would have received if he had worked.

Who supplements the salary in the event of sick leave?

It’s social security who supports an employee sick leave. These indemnities, called daily indemnities, are financed thanks to the contributions made to the insurance diseaselevied on the wages and paid by the employer and the employee.