How is Neurofeedback practiced?

How is Neurofeedback practiced?

How is Neurofeedback practiced?

the Neurofeedback is a technique from Neurosciences, which will train our brain to better function. It uses a computer that reads the electrical activity of the brain (the EEG), and returns the feedback from it through sound, image or tactile feedback (monitoring of the technique).

Who can train in Neurofeedback?

The Neurotherapist must learn to identify them particularly well. He will then be able to use them wisely in the art of accompaniment that he will develop within the framework of the certification program in Biofeedback & Neurofeedback from the Neurosens Institute.

Where to train in neurofeedback?

Center of Neurofeedback NEUROPTIMUM® therapy These sessions are intended for all ages and all audiences. We also train future practitioners in Neurofeedbackwith complete and certifying professional training, of 112 hours, in PARIS or online, or abroad.

Who is the inventor of neurofeedback?

In 1989, Eugène Peniston and Paul Kulkosky defined a protocol for neurofeedback® that they apply to Vietnam veterans to treat post-traumatic stress disorder.

What are the benefits of neurotherapy?

Neurotherapy allows deprogramming of traumatic patterns. The goal is to free yourself from unconscious blockages in order to make your choices in your soul and conscience rather than in connection with fears and to be able to move forward serenely.

What are the different types of neurotherapy?

In a few words, neurotherapy is based on several techniques: NLP, EMDR as well as Ericksonian and Humanist hypnosis. The combination of these different techniques leads to a brief and very effective therapy.

What is Neural Therapy?

Neuraltherapy or neural therapy is an unconventional medicine. Neuraltherapy was theorized in 1925 in France by doctors Leriche and Fontaine, and in Germany by doctor Ferdinand Hunecke who is the true inventor of the discipline, having pushed his research much further.

What age to start therapy?

Therapies are possible for children and adults. The minimum age to start therapy is 8 years old. Pregnant women, schizophrenics, epileptics. Precaution: before the session, plan to remove your contact lenses.